Indigo Wind, Sparkling Junmai, Nakano Shuzo, Aichi – 25

Light effervesces. Balanced with slight creaminess on the finish. Notes of vanilla and citrus. Suggested starter or aperitif.

(Suggested pairings; creamy dishes, oysters and/or shellfish, sushi, mild cheeses and light desserts)


Komé Dry, Honjozo, Yoshi no Gawa, Niigata – 5 – 2oz/18 – 10oz

Mild tropical fruit, distinctively dry lending to an ultra-clean finish.

(suggested pairings; edamame – veg, sushi, sashimi, grilled meats/skewers and seafood w/ vinaigrette based dressings)


Umi Blu, Ginjo, Yoshi no Gawa, Niigata – 32

Semi-dry with refreshing aromas of wild meadow florals. Well balanced acidity leading to a smooth, clean finish with ripe tropical fruits.

(Suggested pairings; Sashimi, sushi, sautéed seafood, Salads) 


‘G’, Junmai Ginjo Genshu, Saké One, Oregon – 42

Original strength. Robust with a light lingering sweetness and punctured dry finish.

(Suggested pairings; Spiced ribs, grilled meats, tempura, cheeses, Wagyu, lamb, tofu, Okonomiyaki)


Junmai Ginjo Nigori Genshu, Momokawa Pearl, Oregon – 60

Creamy, un-filtered with abound flavours of melon, banana and coconut.

(Suggested pairings; Spicier flavours, gyoza, jidori, grilled meats and dessert)